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Trailer Registrations

1) Determine whether you have a trailer, camper, or a piece of Special Equipment.

  • If your trailer has sleeping quarters or a bathroom, it is considered a camper.  Campers must be registered annually and are subject to Maine's Annual Excise Tax.  Click here to see the camper registration instructions

  • If your trailer is a piece of equipment such as a wood chipper, wood splitter, or air compressor, it is considered special equipment and it can only be registered for up to 2 years.  No title paperwork is required regardless of weight.

  • If your trailer is designed to carry a load such as a utility trailer, snowmobile, flatbed, reefer, van, etc., it is a trailer and can be registered for up to 12 years.

2) Determine whether you will need a title or not.

  • If your trailer has an empty weight of 3000 lbs or less, no title is required.  Maine will not title it.

  • If you currently have a title in your name, a new title is not required.

  • If your trailer has an empty weight of 3001 lbs or greater, is 1998 or newer, and is not already titled in your name, then it will need to be titled in Maine.

3) Download, print, fill out and have the Limited Power of Attorney notarized.

4) If you need a bill of sale to complete the purchase of your trailer or special equipment, click here.

5) Determine your registration price.

  • Click here to determine how long you would like to register your trailer for.

  • Determine the price associated with the length of registration.

6) Do you need to pay sales tax?

  • If you have recently purchased your trailer and it is for personal use, sales tax will need to be paid.

  • If you have already paid sales tax at the time of purchase, no additional sales tax is required.  A copy of your purchase invoice showing the sales tax being paid is required.

  • If you have previously registered the trailer in your name, it is sales tax exempt.

  • If sales tax has not been paid, then sales tax of 5.5% will need to be paid on the purchase price.

  • If your trailer is used for business traveling interstate and used outside the State of Maine more than 80% of the time, it is sales tax exempt.  This is generally the case when it comes to trucking companies as a DOT number is required for tax exemption.  However, if you are operating under another company's Interstate Operating Authority and do not have your own DOT carrier number, the trailer will be subject to Maine Sales Tax at 5.5% of the purchase price. This affidavit will need to be completed in order to claim tax exemption.

  • Please note, standard (local) business use trailers (i.e. landscaping companies, construction companies, etc.) are not exempt from sales tax.

7) Do I need a title?

  • If the trailer has an empty weight of 3000 lbs or less, no title is required.  We will need a copy of your bill of sale or a previous registration in your name.

  • If the trailer has an empty weight of 3001 lbs or greater, it will need to be titled.  If you have a title in your name already, a Maine title is not required.  If you have a certificate of origin or a title signed over to you, we will need process a Maine title for you.

  • The price for a Maine title can be found here.

8) Determine your shipping cost.

  • Click here to determine your shipping cost.  We offer shipping via USPS or FedEx.

  • If you have your own UPS or FedEx account, we can ship your registration and plate to you using your account with no additional fees from us.

9) Send paperwork for your registration.

  • If no title is required, we can do everything by Fedex/UPS, mail, fax, or email.  Send your bill of sale, copy of your previous registration in your name, copy of title in your name, and your notarized Limited Power of Attorney to us via fax, email, UPS, FedEx, or USPS mail.  Click here for the mailing or shipping address.  Once All of the paperwork is received, we will need you to mail the original Power of Attorney to us.

  • If you need to have a Maine title processed, please send us the Limited Power of Attorney, Bill of Sale (Purchase Invoice), and original Certificate of Origin or original Title signed over to you to us via UPS, FedEx, or USPS mail.

9) Make your payment.

  • Payment can be made by check, money order or cashiers check and can be mailed with your documents.

  • We accept Paypal, ComChecks, & EFS Checks.

  • Or, you can pay by any major credit card over the phone with no additional fee.

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